Organization Culture Management


This program engages and drives Human Resource’s key members to actively integrate the process to re-establish and mastermind the Cultural Transformation Initiative.
The objective of this program is to design, develop, execute and commission a systemic and structured process that enables the organization to efficiently handle changes within the business.
To train and certify internal change management leaders (culture champions). At the end of this program, they will able to engineer, implement, evaluate and sustain the improved culture transformation.

Understanding Culture Management as a business advantage

The culture of an organization speaks volume as a distinct identity. Having the right culture will not only sustain happy employees, it also improves business performances, leadership goals, promotes collaborative participation and effort as a team. Culture can also be seen as a competitive advantage ; a positive culture allows room for continuous success.

Whether you are looking to implement a new culture or realigning existing culture in your growing organization, we can help you implement and develop a strong strategy that will bring you forward towards your goal. We provide research, knowledge, facts, methods, tools and resources to enable your leaders to be the right culture champions so that they can pay it forward to other team members.


The Organization culture management solutions are designed to identify, initiate, implement and sustain the desired working culture to produce the best performance.


Learn and grow with Dibta’s five phase transformation model to define the culture of your organization and people, measure staff’s commitment, analyse culture gaps, create culture window actions and engagingly promote cultural standards.

DIBTA Cultural Transformation Model is based on the DMAIC Methodology and the Deep Learning Model. DMAIC (an abbreviation of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) refers to a data-driven improvement cycle used for improving, optimizing and stabilizing business processes and designs.