Organization Leadership Development


The program is a blend of curriculum divided into 5 modules.

The modules are followed with:

  • Action Learning projects (individual and group)
  • Close coaching and mentoring activities
  • Evaluation Assessment
  • Certification

The program is a focused curriculum with 4 modules.

The modules are followed with:

  • Action Learning Projects (Individual and group)
  • Coaching and mentoring activities
  • Evaluation Assessment
  • Certification.

This program is a focused curriculum of 6 modules, 6 Individual assignments and 3 “Action Learning Projects”.

Modules :

The candidate will have the opportunity to pursue 3 optional courses.

The candidate is evaluated and awarded certification upon successful completion.


When you develop your leaders, you enable a systematic growth in your organization.

Our Organization Leadership Development solutions helps to plan and grow the pipeline supply of leaders who will be able to effectively support the business direction and strategies.

Decades of research confirms leadership development can improve employer bottom-line profitability by increasing revenues and lowering expenses in the following five ways:

  • Increased cooperation and ability to take advantage of innovations
  • Increased employee retention
  • Lower employee absenteeism
  • Increased quality of work
  • Increased productivity


The Organization Leadership Programs is a structured and systemic platform for constant growth, learning and developing leadership capabilities. It is designed for effective leadership in any situation, simple or complex focusing on teaming, collaboration and partnering.

This programs will design, develop and implement an effective system that will enable the continuous pipeline and supply of effective leaders who will able to drive and support the organization’s performance and growth.

With our program, we introduce and implement global best practices in developing, leading and managing the New Generation Workforce.


DIBTA’s organization Leadership Development focuses on every single aspect to work on. We can help you to build;

  • Credible, capable & certified Management Team with the competency to lead and grow the business successfully (based on 8 areas of competency)
  • Futuristic, cutting edge and world-class best practices in selected focused areas (based on your organization needs)
  • Introduce Action learning as a process to develop leaders
  • Action Learning Projects that are linked to specific business strategies
  • ROI from the “Action Learning” Projects
  • Improvement in the participant’s leadership environment and employee engagement Index
  • Framework for Leadership Academy and Learning Technology
  • Implement a structure Leadership pipeline
  • Design and deliver leadership programs that are well aligned to your organization’s core values and vision
  • Introduce QCC, DMAIC, ASIT, Lean Mgmt. activities to foster greater staff participation and inter-department collaboration