The success of a business relies on a strong company culture. Our drive is to identify and cultivate strong leaders from various organization levels, focusing on C-Suites personnel to Executives. We can help you develop and improve on your People Performance with our customized solutions designed to fit your business needs.

In this era of disruption and constant change, it is critical for organizations to develop a high performance culture. No matter the size or footprint, any growing organization can no longer afford to expend on time and resources that are not based on rigor and evidence. Dibta’s proprietary Performance Formula is designed to deliver sustainable high performance over shifting business circumstances. It defines the vital components and conditions necessary to extract high performance through inspired leadership.

Along this journey, organization and talents come to master the critical discipline of balancing finite resources, building agility in processes and enabling people to achieve net impact that is meaningful, measurable and financially sustainable. Compounding this formula is the critical role of leaders in driving and sustaining performance. Leaders alone can magnify performance success or failures. The science we bring to organizations, enables the embedding of Performance Leadership that manages resources, drives processes and inspires people for sustainable success.

Organisation Learning Performance

Corporate University Acreditation

​Learning Centre Enhancement

​Organization Learning Technologist Development

​Social Network & Digital Learning Adoption

Organisation Leadership Performance

Leadership Pipeline Development

Assessment Centres Installation

Global Talent Supply Development

Strategy & Change Management

Organisation System Performance

Human Performance Technology Development

People Performance Management

Performance Systems & Structures Enhancement

High Performance Team Development (Teambuilding)

Organisation Innovation Performance

Organization Innovation Management

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Disruptive Sustainability Management

Organization Productivity Improvement Management

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