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Changing global megatrends has picked up in pace moving the economic power towards the Global South. For the beneficiaries, this shift encompassing political, demographic and cultural transformations promises unprecedented opportunities for growth. But in a rapidly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) global business environment, companies the world over face numerous talent challenges that impede the attainment of 

their business goals. To underscore this, 30% of companies from developed economies reported having missed out on overseas growth opportunities due to a lack of “internationally competent personnel”. To sucessfully compete at the international arena, GLobal South organisations must now invest in developing talents who are global-ready.

Supporting Growth with Global Talents

With domestic markets maturing, globalization has enabled Global South organizations to quickly gain access to new markets to thrive beyond their borders. However, one of the foremost challenges lie in building and sustaining a strong talent pipeline to support growth aspirations. For Global South organiations to thrive, they must excel in talent reqruitment and development o accomplish their “global expansion” aspirations.

The need for talents with multiple skill sets especially the ability to help a business grow in foreign market is what keeps global businesses ahead and in the preparation of talent pipeline, companies must not only be able to adapt to the shifting demographics and workforce preferences but they must also contend with an ever-increasing global competition for talents. WHen this happens, it is important for these companies to develop “Global Talents” in-house as a key strategic business objective.

A vision to be “King of Digital in the Region”, long term growth, synergy and values delivered through PT Telkom In-House Global Talents. WIth Indonesia’s population of 252 million spread across more than 17,000 islands, PT Telkom is primed to be the king of telecommunication and digital services in the air, land, and sea. It will create the biggest digital economy in all South East Asia.

Bridging the Vision with Talents

In the words of Bapak Alex J Sinaga, CEO PT Telkom Group, “The main engine of growth is no longer technology anymore, but great people”. But finding great people is hard work, retaining them is even harder. A recent global HR survey, found three major challenges for CEOs: a shortage of candidates with the right skills, losing top talent to competitors and providing attractive career paths. PT Telkom understood all too well that it needed a pipeline of market-ready talent to deliver its vision. Towards that end, the Human Capital Management department went to great lengths to identify partners to help them deliver their strategic human resource goals.

Content Quality Not Quantity

The decision to work with DIBTA was an easy one. We impressed on our client that human capital is key for an organization’s capacity to innovate, and innovation is the path to sustained breakthrough performance. Drawing on its well cultivated understanding of the science of people performance, DIBTA formulated a systemicglobal talent management blueprint for PT Telkom by combining cutting-edge learning modules, scientific human metrics and foresight planning to groom global talents in-house. Infused with a “Global Villager Mindset” model, Dibta prepared PT Telkom’s talent pipeline to

be industry-proven and battle-ready to power on towards the vision.

Our program objective was simple. Support PT Telkom’s expansion plans by training, developing and certufying selected employees to build a pipeline of global talents. 25 qualified talents were taken through a six-month program to equip them with the relevant & required mindset, skills and tools to successfully complete a learning journey internship in host organisa?ons spread across 3 continents.

A Running Global Talent Pipeline

Today, the first wave of PT Telkom’s Global talent program participants have successfully delivered host-projects in more than 10 countries worldwide and are now spearheading global business projects on behalf of PT Telkom. They have also seen marked improvement in their global mindset and expected global ventures behaviours.

We Enable Your Organization to Be Global Ready

For Global South companies to become “globally relevant”, their leaders must function with a “Global Mindset”. Being culturally aware and inter-culturally competent is a must for success in this highly competitive international market. Young and upcoming leaders must demonstrate that they are able to operate under diverse culture environments and have worldwide competencies. Globally agile companies use international assignments to develop their best up-and-coming leaders.


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