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PermataBank re-skills branch Bank Managers as CEOs to meet rising customer expectations

Competition in the retail banking segment has intensified over the years. Emerging technology, increased regulation, rising customer expectations, and proliferation of digital channels have converged to create the backdrop for a long drawn battle in the retail banking segment.

At the heart of it all, the role of digitalisation in transforming banking services cannot be overemphasised. Digital banking has enabled institutions to reach more people at a lower cost than ever before, enhancing the prospects for revenue growth through greater financial inclusion. However, the scope of digitalisation efforts have largely focused on normal banking transactions, the more complex financial negotiations are then promoted to face-to-face interactions concluded at the branch level.

In light of this, banks simply cannot do away with bricks-and-mortar entirely on the basis of customer-bank relationships but because evidently, they are still the best channel for picking up new depositors.

The reality is, customer-bank relations is symbiotic in nature. In the provision of highly customised products, customers will continue to rely on relationship managers and specialists who can provide them advice and support in making critical financial decisions. So instead of a fully digitised bank, the banking industry is adopting a combination of clicks and bricks, a mix of physical and digital that benefits clients. The brick-and-mortar branches are here to stay.

The Future of Click and Bricks

With 331 branches and 22 mobile branches serving more than 2 million customers in 62 cities across Indonesia, PermataBank is fully committed to its vision of becoming Indonesia’s leading bank. The attainment of their vision hinges on their belief in the future of clicks and bricks banking. In pursuit of this future, PermataBank improved quality and speed of service through investments in high-performing IT networks and along with superior personnel training for its branches.

To help meet this heightened expectation of its branches, PermataBank recognised the strategic role of human capital to deliver quality customer-centric products and services. And to help Pertamabank crystalize its human capital-focused strategy, it procured the services of Dibta Group, a well renowned Global South focused people performance Accelerator Company.

“We endeavour to enhance the competence and function of our branch offices as our front line in meeting the needs of our customers for quality banking services. We also expect our branch offices to be the partners that can deliver solutions to our customers”.

Ridha DM Wirakusumah, President Director, PermataBank.

Bank Managers to take ownership of branches

“Customer confidence is gained and assurance given through long-standing relationships customers have with bank employees, not robots or online applications that are devoid of human touch.”

Farim Kumar, Chief Trainer, Dibta Group

People remain at the epicentre of everything. It stands to reason that human capital is the only resource capable of innovating to deliver breakthrough performance in shifting business circumstances. This could not be truer for PermataBank and the foreseeable future.

It is with this insight that Dibta developed the BM as CEO module, a bespoke solution to prime Bank Managers to function, behave and act as de-facto

Chief Executive Officers for PermataBank branches.

The program entails development of a job competency model, job competency profile and job competency recommendation interspersed with feedback and coaching sessions. The program structure and curriculum are delivered within a 6-month period to cover the 6 competency modules.

Early Breakthrough in the clicks and bricks strategy

Together with investments in high-performing IT Networks, the Permatabank BM as CEO program has paid off on the merit of increased business in the retail banking segment. The deployment of Bank Managers as CEOs was instrumental in helping PermataBank to a reported increase of 43% YOY increase of revenues in its wealth management business. Additionally, through focused push-marketing strategy at the branch level, PermataBank’s Joint Finance and Sharia financing products reported a growth of 13% and 3% YOY respectively. The BM as CEO program also contributed extensively to the success of PermataBank’s innovative one-stop Hajj registration model in nine cities, with more centres planned in 2017.

With a good franchise coupled with strong capabilities, dedicated employees, loyal customers and innovative products and services, PermataBank is all geared up to achieve its vision of becoming Indonesia’s leading bank.


YOY increase of revenues


Growth in Joint Finance and Sharia financing products


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