Development of LOKM Blue Print



Nature of Business:

Ensuring Health Standards in Malaysia


Re-Engineering Organizational Learning


One of the ministry in Malaysia had to instil knowledge management in its ministry to support the global health care administrators’ strategy of knowledge translation and knowledge sharing.

They decided to embolden their original strategy to the inclusion of making it into a “Learning Organization” by harnessing the impact and benefits of Knowledge Management.

Our Solutions

To achieve its LOKM vision, we had been given the mandate to develop a generic LOKM Blueprint that would act as a guideline in the implementation of any Learning Organization or Knowledge Management activity in any Ministry Of Health departments in both the research and service capacities.


The need for 3 differing levels of the blueprint was highlighted during our consultation discussion.


The blueprint proposed represented the 3 different hierarchical layers in Ministry Of Health – the departmental, the state & the ministry level, and how to ensure LOKM implementation either independently or in complementation of each other.


The ministry was actively engaged in this project to ensure the most realistic possible pathways that Ministry Of Health can embark based upon living, working case studies to actively implement Knowledge Management to turn the ministry into a Learning Organization.

The Impact

The LOKM blueprint provided a roadmap for all intra organizations to base their Knowledge Management activities upon, acts as a timeline and as project chart. The LOKM blueprint also behaves as a cross check list, in which certain Knowledge Management themes has to be satisfied in order to continue implementation so as to ensure that the LOKM initiative always starts with a firm footing and a clear direction to significantly reduce the possibility of implementation difficulties and possible abandonment.

By the adoption of the LOKM blueprint, be it at the ministry, state or departmental level, the design structure of the blueprint will ensure that Ministry Of Health will truly acquire and benefit from the advantages of knowledge management and will inspire the rest of the nation as it embarks on a realistic drive towards becoming a Learning Organization and adhere to the highest standards of the World Health Organization.


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