Organization Learning Technology


The Head of Corporate Learning Certification is designed to train and certify Training Managers, Head of Learning Centers, Senior. Training Officers with Managerial functions.

The Professional Certificate and Diploma in Organizational Learning Technology is designed to train, develop and certify Managers, Executives, Trainers and Coordinators from the learning function or HR discipline.

  • Phase 1: Certificate in Organizational Learning Technology
  • Phase 2: Diploma in Organizational Learning Technology
The Professional Master’s in Organizational Learning Management is designed to train develop and certify Training Managers, Learning Centre Heads, Learning Function HODs and Chief Learning Officers. 6 “focused” modules which is accompanied by Action learning Projects and Coaching & Training Projects.


The future of an organization relies on its learning journey.

The more we learn, the more we grow.

The Organization Learning Technology series is a powerful program to seed and sow an integrative learning culture that knows how to sustain knowledge, share it and train others through innovative methods. It encourages collaborative leadership using the right digital tools and resources, enabling attentive participation within the organization.

The OLT series has helped many organizations to certify credible leaders. This series functions with the goal to unlock, cultivate and improve employees capabilities.


Organization Learning Technology Series (OLT) is the product of DIBTA Group. The curriculum and content are based on 10 years of research in the field of Organization Learning. DIBTA Organization Learning Technology series introduces practical and proven systems, processes and tool-kits to enable easy and speedy application. Equipped with 13 years of research and up to date proven methods, this series addresses the learning needs in the organization with the right learning culture that contributes ongoing performance.