Learning Centre Transformation


A division for education and development. It drives Learning as a strategy for organizational growth. Two strong benefits are cultivating effective, strong leaders and building strong partnerships.

  • Responsible for the education and development for those involved in helping to create value for a corporation
  • High Impact Learning Culture
  • A primary engine that drives ‘corporation cultural & learning initiatives within an organization
  • Headed by a Chief Learning Officer.

A systemic engine to help employees’ development through learning, focusing and addressing learning issues.

  • Short term programs and courses focusing on specific skills development
  • Learning as a strategy to increase business performance
  • Drives competitive advantage
  • Focuses on employee’s competency requirements.
  • High Impact Learning Culture
  • Headed by a Learning Director.

It provides customised courses through needs and diagnosis. It focuses on ‘Learning as you Work’ on-the-job-training. A powerful strategic tool that uses the benefit of training to learn how to proactively manage performance issues.

  • On the Job Training
  • Using Learning for career development and job performance
  • Headed by a Training Manager
  • Focuses on Annual Training Calendar
  • Follows a budget


Give your people the right knowledge and watch them lead a shared vision.

Our Learning Centre Transformation Pillar focuses on Learning as a strategic tool for business growth and Job Skills Training. We offer a wide range of selective engines and programs to choose from.



Dibta’s Corporate Academy provides Learning Solutions for professional development. We offer two methods for your learning needs, via physical classroom or virtual classroom. Our programs are focused on understanding, defining and addressing learning issues that affects strategic business performances.

Dibta’s Corporate Academy is part of an organization that views learning as a proactive People Development Initiative to support business strategies. Our goal is to educate employees and to spread the message that learning is important in business performance.


Corporate University is a strategic tool to advance your organization through growing the knowledge, skills, development, competencies, training and attitudes internally. It involves every role in the business ecosystem; the employees, suppliers, customers and society. As the primary engine that drives the Corporate Culture and Learning development, it focuses on nurturing strong leaders, realigning business needs, enabling skill development, and building safe and strategic partnerships. The Corporate University is lead by the Chief Learning officer, who is driven by the strategic Learning Vision board of directors.

“Learning Strategies + employees’ capabilities requirements + Organizational Learning Blueprint.