Our Learning solutions introduces 3 core solutions with proven advance methods, concepts, tools and resources to enable the strategic and operational learning in your organization.

Our Learning Solutions

A division for education and development. It drives Learning as a strategy for organizational growth. Two strong benefits are cultivating effective, strong leaders and building strong partnerships.
  • Responsible for the education and development for those involved in helping to create value for a corporation
  • High Impact Learning Culture
  • A primary engine that drives ‘corporation cultural & learning initiatives within an organization
  • Headed by a Chief Learning Officer.

OLT Series are programs and courses designed to cater the learning needs of the organisation and helps to develop a learning culture within the organization for the individuals and the organization as a whole which contributes to performance and unlocks individual and organizational capabilities.

The formulation and execution of strategies and actions to enable the organization to effectively adopt and capitalize on the deployment of the latest digital technology to enable the organization to effectively learn and perform.

Transform your organization into a ‘workplace university’ by embedding a deep learning culture, utilize strategic learning technologies, be equipped with the right resources to share knowledge with ease. Optimize the returns of learning related investment for your organizational learning efforts.

We Re-engineer Organization Learning Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

Developed in house by our team of experts, our drive is to improve and strengthen your organization to learn faster and better through successful methodology, tools and system.

A unique feature of this pillar is the Organizational Learning Technology OLT Series which is a product of DIBTA Group.

The curriculum and content are based on 16 years of research in the field of Organization Learning and introduces practical and proven system, process and tool-kits to enable easy and speedy application.

Our Methodology

In every learning solutions, we ignite their drive using these 3 methods

The Dibta Triangle

The DIBTA triangle is a philosophy that helps you realise your leadership potential and capabilities. Starting with Drive, Intention, Belief, Thinking and Action, we enable a deep reflection and the practice of Deep Learning to ensure effective results to help you be a better, wiser, credible leader.

The DMAIC method

The DMAIC method is a core analysis tool to Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control business strategies and performances.

Action Learning Projects

Paired up with these two methodologies, we strongly believe in the practice of applying what you have learn in real life work situation. We present these simulations through Action Learning Projects. We ensure to send your credible leaders off to make a positive change in your organization.