By understanding your internal leadership supply chain, be equipped with the right tools to develop Critical Leadership Capabilities as well as measure and assess the results through Action Learning. See real change in the performance of your organization and people..

The Leadership Pipeline Farm is a process designed to ensure a reliable internal supply of leadership which is an essential requirement for any organization. The process in The Leadership Farm consists of System & Learning solutions; it starts from the Installing the Leadership Learning System and ends at Certifying the Leadership Capability. These solutions can be taken independently as per need and can be taken as a whole process.

Our Learning Solutions comprises of “The Leadership Academy” where the leadership capability is designed and developed. The DMAIC approach is the present in all of our leadership solutions along with uniquely instituted approaches and methodologies.

Installing a Leadership Learning System

The leadership learning system is the fundamental system that enables the organization to develop their leaders to meet the strategic and operational requirement. The system consist of the input the process the output and the feedback components which allows an organic platform that will continuously develop supply and sustain the right leaders for the right position at the right time.

All process includes the diagnosis analysis and rebuilding of the total leadership learning system. We would recommend the required actions and if required assess in installing this sub systems and components to ensure a robust system that will support the org directions and strategies.

Developing the Leadership Capability Model and Standards

To establish the Leadership Capability model and standards divided into two phases. The first phase is to develop a leadership capability assessment framework and in the second phase the Leadership capability model and standards are established.

Assessing & Profiling Current Leaders Capabilities

Developing and customizing leadership capability protocols and instruments that could be utilized by the immediate supervisors’ to assess and establish their down line leaders’ capabilities and gaps.

Training and Developing Current Leaders Capabilities

This program consists of the diagnosis, designing development, delivering and deploying of appropriate learning solutions for each category of leaders. It enables the interlock and integration of the various leadership solutions to ensure the synchronization of the organization leadership learner.

The Methodology deployed is based on the 6 sigma DMAIC method is utilized across this program to ensure a process based project management which is repeatable and reproducible across all learning solutions.

Coaching & Mentoring

To provide executive coaching & knowledge support to the Human Resource Management Team in introducing, implementing and institutionalizing “COACHING CULTURE” as a Strategic “People Performance & Growth Enabler” for your organization.

The coaching and mentoring culture within the organization is to support the continuous development of the leaders and the growth of the leaders by developing effective workplace coaches and organizational mentors.

Construction of the Leadership Assessment Centre

The assessment centre will be uniquely developed and customize for each org based on their situation and requirement this centre could also include specific customize assessments along with established reputable assessment methodology. 

This assessment could be used to:

  •  Profile and identify talents.
  • Assess and establish gaps which could be address through learning interventions
  • Assessed for proficiency and certification to establish job readiness.

DIBTA Leadership Academy

The DIBTA leadership academy designs, develops, builds, implements and manages customized leadership development programs for required clients. The programs and courses are designed for senior managers, middle managers, first time manager and supervisors and a Global Talent Program (GTP).

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