Create or evolve into a “workplace-varsity” utilizing different organizational learning technologies to enable the strategic and operational learning of the Corporation. Optimize the returns of learning related investment for your organizational learning efforts.

The ‘Organizational Learning and Development’ pillar is among the 4 core competencies of DIBTA Group which will transform your organisation into a “Learning Organizational”.

DIBTA specialises in “Re-engineering Organizational Learning Solutions” to meet specific needs of the clients and have instituted innovative concepts that will enhance your organisation’s performance. These concepts, developed in-house by our team of experts will improve and strengthen your organisation to learn faster and better by deploying relevant break through methodology, tools and systems.

A unique feature of this pillar is the Organizational Learning Technology OLT Series which is a product of DIBTA Group. The curriculum and content are based on 10 years of research in the field of Organisation Learning and introduces practical and proven System, Process and Tool-kits to enable easy and speedy application.

Setting Up A Corporate University

Corporate University is a strategic engine that integrates virtually all available “Learning Resources, Process and People” within the Corporation, to achieve best-in-class organisational performance, by empowering & enabling all the people within the “business eco-system” to cultivate the required Learning Culture.​

A 1-2 year programme to “Institutilize the learning culture” by establishing a Corporate University to improve the contribution of the “T&D Function” into a systemic engine that will transform organisation Learning as a strategic enabler, supporting the Corporation’s performance improvement Initiatives.

“Our Expertise in setting up Corporate University enables to improve Corporate Performance by strategically deploying “Organisation Learning” as an enabler & solution provider and enhances the contribution of the current “Learning Unit” to the Organisation by transforming it into a Corporate University.”

Enhancement of Learning Centre

Learning Centre provides specific requested and planned “Courses” and supports specific on-job-training activities. The corporate learning centre must be fully aligned with corporate strategy.

A 1 year program to enhance the performance of the “T&D Function” by introducing and implementing the concept & features of Organization Learning Technology.

DIBTA aims to enhance the Corporate Learning Function’s capability to provide relevant & effective “Learning Solutions” that will positively impact the Organization’s performance.

Organizational Learning Technology Series

Organization Learning Technology Series (OLT) is the product of DIBTA Group. The curriculum and content are based on 10 years of research in the field of Organization Learning. DIBTA Organization Learning Technology series (OLT) introduces practical and proven System, Process and Tool-kits to enable easy and speedy application.

OLT Series are programs and courses designed to cater the learning needs of the organisation and helps to develop a learning culture within the organization for the individuals and the organization as a whole which contributes to performance and unlocks individual and organizational capabilities.



We aim to develop peoples’ capabilities and turn them into Learning Technologists. The OLT series is delivered in collaboration with our partners AEU University which provides a platform to convert programs into recognized qualifications by universities. It is taught by practitioners and trainers as simple and practical content.

Implementation of Knowledge Management

The implementation of the Knowledge Management Centre consists of designing and developing KM initiatives and processes that are best suited to meet KM needs and places huge importance on the domains of the 5 KM pillars and the 6 KM deliverables.

A 1 year program will support the immediate and long-term performance of the Organization by systematically install an effective “Knowledge Management System”.

DIBTA will implement the KM System by training, coaching & enabling the KM Project Team to design, develop, install & manage the LO Blueprint , KM Strategy, LO KPIs, K –Engineering and other supporting action plans.

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