A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between Multimedia University and Dibta Group was held at the President’s Office, MMU, Cyberjaya yesterday. This significant event marks the partnership between the two bodies in developing the next generation of corporate training and human performance. The ceremony began with an honorary speech by Prof. Dr. Rafi, who enthusiastically welcomed Mr. Prim and Dibta Group.

This MoU signing does not only signifies the relationship between these two organizations, but also the personal goal of the founder of Dibta, Mr. Prim, who lead the Motorola University’s Knowledge Management System set up almost 20 years ago. Even then, the Motorola University recognizes the potential of the newly established institution as Asian leading media university.

During the MoU signage event, the synergy between Dibta and MMU matched as discussions of future collaborations on revolutionizing the traditional approach of organization learning. In this day of age, a classroom-based learning alone is no longer the frontier of people development. Many years of research has shown that a learner should be given the choice of picking their own blend of traditional classroom and online based learning.

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