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CLO of Malaysian Police Academy appreciating the Corporate University Accreditation Assessment conducted for them.

In a country where diversity is known as its biggest strength, learning is often a delicate blend of Western advancement and Eastern personalization. This provides the bedrock for our consultants to design and develop our unique solutions that introduce new technologies whilst retaining the familiar touches of values and collective acceptance.


Dibta Malaysia (formerly known as Alphasta Malaysia) is the flagship office for Dibta Group and serves as the research & development hub for all of Dibta Learning Solutions. Since its Incorporation in 2006, DIBTA Malaysia has the honour of working with Malaysian Based PLCs, Malaysian Based PVT companies, Government Linked Companies (GLCs), Multinationals, Financial Institutions and Government Departments.


In 2011 DIBTA Group partnered with Asia E University (AEU) and in collaboration provides a platform to offer the Organization Learning Technology (OLT) SERIES. OLT comprises of programs which are accredited internationally and independent courses which are loose elements of the programs.


Dibta Malaysia is proud to be able to be a part of the Knowledge Management Implementation for: Ministry Of Health Malaysia through a World Health Organization (WHO intiative), UNICEIF, National Institute of Health, Institute of Health Management and Felda.


In 2012 Dibta Group co-organized “A 7day Iskander Malaysia Learning Festival” with Iskander Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and Junior Chambers. In this mega event witnessed 3000 delegates and more than 50 experts who shared the various exciting and interesting new thoughts, solutions and future talent enhancement challenges to support Iskandar Malaysia's vision as a sustainable metropolis.This year in August Dibta Malaysia will host the 4rth ASCU Summit first time in Malaysia in order to promote the concept of Learning Organization which is being championed by Indonesia and China.



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