Who We Are   


Dibta Group is an Asian based company which has been delivering “Specialized Learning Solutions” for more than a decade by partnering with premiere organizations with an objective of transforming them into a learning organization. “Speciality Learning Solution Partner” is the term coined by our founder; it’s due to our ability of customizing solutions according to different needs of the organization. This helps to address the learning need through the transfer of knowledge and skills for Individual, Team and the whole organization. We regard our clients as our partners; we together share the responsibility, the pain and the gain until the issue is resolved. This allows us to connect with our clients and helps us to understand the precise which needs to be addressed.



   What We Do   

We strive to provide Effective “East + West” Learning Systems & Solutions that will impact an Individual, Team and Organizational Performance. Our Deep Learning Model “The DIBTA Triangle” is the DNA upon which each of our Products & Solutions are innovatively designed and developed with the strengths of “Eastern” philosophies that starts from the spirit, the heart and the soul.
To deliver a complete learning experience the Eastern philosophies are blended together with the pioneered “Western” best practices and systems for improvement & change which allows us to re-engineer and measure both the “Will” and the “Skill”, cultures and competencies, for a holistic and complete transformation. .




    How We Do It For You ?   

We engage our clients in order to understand the nature of the obstacles faced by their organisation. Next, we proceed to distinguish between the wants and the actual needs of our clients. We then infuse our knowledge and expertise in order to engineer the best possible solution to satisfy their needs. While most others seek only to change action, we believe in dwelling much deeper to change both action and values of individuals and organisations. We do this because we aspire to impart abilities that will enhance continuous transformation to overcome constant change and threats, rather than just merely being able to cope. We transform individuals, teams and organisations through the concept of deep learning.”