Leaders of a GLC company realised that by empowering the people, providing them with the tools of the trade, the business will flourish and return with a higher yield. Thus, the decision was made to create an Institute that will prepare the leaders with the required competency and culture to lead and grow the business successfully in the local as well as international frontier.



Nature of Business

Land and Development Agency


Re-Engineering Organizational Leadership

Our Solutions

Together with the Leadership Development Council (LDC) of FELDA, Dibta embarked on a mission to design, develop, build, implement and manage a customized Leadership Development Program for the Senior Executive Institute of FELDA (simply known as SEiF). The Institute blueprint combines the job model and standards with a gap assessment that Dibta has completed in order to produce a distinctive learning solution. We devised a program that enables learners to be developed in five separate approaches.

  • Manage and deliver the 5-module learning courses.
  • Drive the series of “Action Learning” projects and assignments.
  • Facilitate the assessment of Participant’s Learning Accomplishment and evaluation of Program ROI.
  • Support “Leaders as Teacher/ Mentor/ Coach” activities.
  • Facilitate the practice of “Reflective Learning and Journaling”


The Impact

The Institute has identified more than 80 senior executives within the organization to partake in this program. They consist of Senior General Managers and General Managers. These individuals are the crème de la crème, groomed to be the next CEOs. The first batch of 41 has started their journey in December 2007.


While it is only halfway through the program, the privileged learners have showed tremendous improvements, especially in the areas of communication and strategizing.



Delivery & Deployment Methodology

  • Lecture
  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Simulations
  • Practice Activities
  • Case Studies
  • After Action Review