On the 24th to 26th of January, Telkom Indonesia with Dibta has held a 3-day workshop at the Telkom Corporate University for the participants involved in the Global Professional Program as a preparation for their trip to the host countries.

As a part of the Global Talent Program (GTP), the Global Professional Program (GPP) pushes the participants to adapt and assimilate in foreign environments while training themselves to grow exponentially in their areas of expertise. In the Pre-Departure workshop, the participants were given tools as well as tips and tricks which they can use during their training overseas. There were also educational games and activities for them to participate in.

Some if sessions included in the workshop were “50K Game”, “Deep Learning”, “Painting Class” with Mr Asep Berlian”, “5A Enabling Personal Transformation”, “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”, and “Global Talent 3C Framework”.

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