The participants train with the martial arts master during their Breaking the Board session.

Together with Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom (YPT), Dibta Group has held an Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) workshop on the 25th Р27th October 2017 at Telkom Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia, involving 23 participants from Telkom.

The objective of the workshop is to design, develop, facilitate, and transfer a customized total organizational performance and strategic management system that will enable an energized, improved and sustainable business performance leadership. The program featured speakers including Mr Dwi S. Purnomo (CEO of YPT), Mr Agus Riyanto (Leadership Development Specialist in PT Telekom Indonesia), and Mr Agung Prabowo (Author of GeekNerations) and Mr Mumu (Co-Founder and CEO of KAKATU) and our consultants, Mr Prim Kumar (Founder of Dibta Group) and Mrs Sinta Maharani (CEO of Dibta Indonesia).

One of the participants presenting her drawings in one of the sessions.

The participants are involved in programs such as ‘The Pin in the Balloon’, ‘Transformational Leadership with Agus Riyanto (Leadership Development Specialist in PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)’, ‘Leadership Model (Millenial Generation) with Agung Prabowo – Author of GeekNerations’, ‘Breaking the Board’, and more.




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